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Nikken Magnetic & Wellness ProductsDr. Brad has been using Nikken magnets with The Emotion Code and The Body Code for close to 15 years. There are a variety of magnets to choose from.
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IsagenixISAGENIX is a wonderful detox program that is simple to use, tastes good, and helps the pounds to melt away.

For more information visit:
HealersLibrary.Isagenix.comOr call my associate Jay Bennett anytime 24/7 at 949.218.2220 or 949.874.0224 or email jaybennett (at) cox.net.


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AMEGAYou can contact Linda Trask  for all Amega questions and for assistance ordering products, or becoming a consultant.

For More Information:
Call Linda Trask (435) 668-9378
Email: lindatrask5@gmail.com

Website: traskfam.amwell.biz