VIDEO: 2 Minute Grounding and Connecting Exercise


This 2 Minute Grounding and Connecting Exercise video below will teach you how to connect with divine energy and get grounded by Mother Earth's energy in a powerful way! If you want to learn more q...


Break The Cycle of Inherited Emotional Baggage

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I have done many years of transformational work and first heard of your work on a webinar hosted by Shifra Hendrie. I am an RN by profession and a closet energy healer. I had to experience your proces...


Allowing Nature to Nurture You


Think about what happens when you step outside of your door into nature. Suddenly your world changes just a little. You probably breathe the fresh morning air, notice the light on the horizon, feel a ...


Why Can't I Get Well?


Healing is more of a journey, and not just an event. Sometimes that journey seems more than we can bear. But we are not alone, and there is purpose in it. Pain can be a teacher. May I suggest that some of the pain you feel, physical or otherwise, is the only way to learn certain lessons? It may not be possible to truly begin to appreciate good health until you have felt poorly. As a result, sometimes that perfect health is elusive, and then comes the opportunity to stretch your capacities through God’s incredible power and wisdom. God is a God of miracles- healing miracles! As a person grows and searches for answers, I believe He honors those efforts and magnifies them. In His good time, healing does occur.