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Each month As a Premium Member of Healers Library you will receive the most up-to-date holistic energy healing training, and know-how that will help you continuously improve your skills and ability to help others.

You will go in-depth and learn, tricks, techniques and step-by-step methods that will help you tackle the most difficult health issues. The webinars are for both advanced practitioners and those who simply want to learn more about helping their friends and family.

Plus if you can't make the live webinar the full replay will be posted for the Premium Members following the live webinar (please allow a few weeks for video editing and formatting). Below you will find just a small sampling of the upcoming webinars we have planned.

Members Only Advanced Training  Here are just a few upcoming topics...

Fear of Pain is What Causes Anxiety: How to Stop the Vicious Cycle
Beat anxiety and stress with simple to use techniques to increase calmness, reduce tension and handle any situation with grace and ease.

Communicating with Your Kids so They Want to Communicate With You
Learn the secrets of becoming a "holistic" parent and how to communicate with your children in a new way that reduces arguments and increases love.

Subconscious Healing and Conscious Decision Making Skills For a Better Life
How to create good emotional habits that will enable your Subconscious mind bring you the life you desire. PLUS: Learn the secrets of decisive decision making.

Discover What Really Causes Weight Gain and Overcome It
Why you could actually be protecting yourself emotionally by being overweight and how to break the invisible link between a sad heart and extra weight.

Are You Damaging Your Health and Happiness With "Substitutes"?
Find out if you are substituting damaging substances, emotions or activities for the emotional love that your heart craves. PLUS: Easy "heart-centered "solutions.

Learning Disabilities are Symptoms of Imbalances That Can be Reversed
Learn what triggers LDs, how to remove these triggers for good and how proper supplementation can play a critical role in controlling and reducing the symptoms.

Letting Go Of The Past: Removing the Emotional Charge of Memories
You don't have to be powerless under the pain of your past. Learn how to conquer damaging memories and unlock the life you were meant to live.

Spring Cleaning for your Body: Boost Your Immune System Today
Get advanced cleansing techniques and methods that will boost your immunity, fight allergies and reduce damaging stress.

Overcome Self-Sabotage and Other Common Life Mistakes
Learn the secrets to take control of your life and beat procrastination, poor focus and increase your confidence at work and at home.

How To Develop a Positive Self-Image That Can Move Mountains
Do you treat yourself as your best friend? Find out how a positive self image can improve health, improve relationships and more.

Pain and Disease: How to Make Healing Permanent
Get off the rollercoaster of treatments that only work temporarily. Discover which techniques and methods work best in certain situations.

Living, Loving and Thriving in the Present
How to overcome and accept the past while you use it as a springboard to achieve the life you have always dreamed about in the present.

Letting Go of the Ego and Healing Through Giving
Selflessly give yourself so that you can heal, comfort and empower others. Learn how to finally let go of the ego so your are free to express boundless love.

Love Languages: Get and Give The Love You Really Want
Take your relationships to new heights by learning the secrets of the love languages to unlock better health, increased energy and unconditional affection.


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