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Hours: M-W 10am-2pm
Time Zone: MST
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Noelle and her family have a passion for health and healing and have owned several wellness clinics dealing with a variety of health conditions for over 25 years. Noelle also works with Dr. Nelson as a Nikken Representative and has had the opportunity to observe Dr. Nelson and learn from his healing methods for over 20 years.

Noelle uses a deep sense of love, faith and prayer in conjunction with the methods provided by Dr. Nelson to help all types of people achieve physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual wellness.

If you're seeking relief and are ready to move forward towards a healthier and happier life, Noelle is here to help you!

Noelle offers the following services:

Emotion Code/Body Code Phone Session

Our most popular service, designed to help get rid of the Heart-Wall, trapped emotions and correct other imbalances in the body.  Sessions can either be for working toward general wellness, or targeted to address specific physical or emotional issues. Each session may include (but is not limited to) the release or correction of trapped emotions, structural imbalances, energetic circuits in the body, and recommendations to address nutritional deficiencies and toxicity. This is a 20 minute telephone appointment with a Staff Practitioner. We recommend 24-48 hours between sessions. You will receive a written emailed report at the end of your telephone session, detailing exactly what was done.

Regularly $137, on sale now $97 - Save $40!

Schedule an Emotion Code/Body Code Phone Session (20 minutes)

Emotion/Body Code Email Session

This is also a distance proxy assessment and treatment of imbalances, the same as the above, except with no appointment involved. This type of session is preferred by our overseas clients who have a significant difference in time zone and/or a language barrier, and also by our clients all over the world who have busy or demanding schedules. After placing your order, your session can be scheduled once we receive your in-take form, which will be sent to you by our staff practitioners. Please make sure to follow directions on the order form so we receive all the information we need! This is a session done solely via email by the Staff Practitioner of your choice, with no telephone appointment involved. Convenient!

Regularly $137, on sale now $97 - Save $40!

Order an Emotion/Body Code Email Session

One of our most popular packages. Pay for 9 sessions and receive a 10th bonus session free! If you are serious about getting rid of your trapped emotions as well as dealing with other imbalances you may have, this is the series for you. The body is truly like an onion, and sometimes it takes time to get to those inner layers!

Regularly $1370, on sale now $873 - Save $497!

Order 9 Email Sessions, get the 10th Session FREE

Heart-Wall Package

A Heart-Wall series of sessions consists of three sessions. It generally takes between two to four sessions to clear a person’s Heart-Wall. In your case, if it takes less than three sessions to clear it, we will let you know, and you can use the other two sessions to work on any other issues that you may want to address. Should it require an additional Session to clear the Heart-Wall, the fourth one is free to you as a bonus from us!

3 sessions; limit 1 purchase per client

Regularly $411, on sale now $267, save 35%!

Order a Heart-Wall 3 Session Email Package

Telephone Consultation

This service is for those who are unfamiliar with this type of work and want to sample it to see what it’s all about. During this appointment you and a staff member will discuss your health issue, have a brief question and answer session, and one (1) imbalance will be identified and released as a sample.

This is a 10 minute telephone appointment and you will receive a written report of the findings for your reference.

Regularly $67, on sale now $37 - Save $30!

Schedule a Telephone Consultation (10 mins)


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