Pray for Clarity and Guidance

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Before I begin a session, I will say a prayer asking for guidance and clarity throughout the session. I also ask that the sessions will be effective and efficient. Then, I like to ask that Heavenly messengers (angels) are sent before me to begin opening up the path of releasing emotions and healing for the person I will be working on. I love doing this and asking for extra help with my sessions! I truly believe there are many angels around us that are waiting for us to ask for help so I try to use them A LOT!

Maria Dopp

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1 Comment to "Pray for Clarity and Guidance"

  1. Kelly Acord

    February 16, 2018

    I've been trying to figure out what kind of prayer to say in my head before a session and it always varies. This is such a great and direct way to ask for guidance and assistance. I like the way you put it into words. Thank you, Maria.

    Blessings, Kelly

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