Haunted by Ghosts of Relationships Past? How to Put Them to Rest So You Can Move On! A Premium Members Webinar with Natalie Nelson

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On Monday, Dec. 19, from noon to 1 p.m. Eastern Time, Natalie Nelson, CBCP, will present Haunted By The Ghosts of Relationships Past? How To Put Them To Rest So You Can Move On!, A Premium Members Webinar. This webinar will help increase your knowledge and understanding of The Emotion Code and The Body Code so you can help yourself and others. Don't miss it!

Remember that part in "A Christmas Carol" when Scrooge is visited by the Ghost of Christmas Past? The ghost takes Scrooge on a tour of the parts of his life that have led to him becoming the angry, miserly man he is today. Have you ever stopped to think about how your “Ghosts of Relationships Past” may be affecting your ability to have healthy relationships today?

The holidays are supposed to be joyful and fulfilling. But many people struggle with feelings that pop up, seemingly out of nowhere, when we are around family and friends this time of year. Traumas from unhealthy experiences in old relationships can affect us in a lot of ways that are truly subconscious. Say you’re going shopping for gifts with your partner and he is taking too long and you’re starting to feel resentful. Or perhaps you feel an irking sense of dread when it comes to being around certain family members. Perhaps you avoid getting together with family because you know that being around them brings out the worst in you. Chances are, such negative feelings are the result of trapped emotions and likely, relationships from your past. If you don’t ask yourself where these feelings are coming from and don’t find out what is causing them, they will begin to wear on and damage your current relationships.

Maybe you are in a committed romantic relationship, and you, like many people find the holidays a stressful time. It’s busy and it’s cold and the flu is going around... Add to that the burden of trying to decide which side of the family to spend the holidays with. When we are being pulled in so many different directions, it can cause old trapped emotions to surface, causing us to be irritable, depressed and overwhelmed. If these feelings are left unchecked, they can cause us to hurt the ones we love most!

Or maybe you are single and finding yourself overcome with feelings such as loneliness, disappointment or desperation. You may have moved on from an old relationship, but the pain of the past could still be affecting you... whether or not you still think about your ex. Holiday parties and events may just feel overwhelming, and could even bring old feelings to the surface when you are around family, friends, and especially people who are in love.

Fortunately, The Emotion Code and The Body Code give us practical tools for healing. By asking the right questions, you can remove the emotional baggage that’s preventing you from finding or sustaining a loving relationship.  Use them before and during the holidays to identify and release feelings such as fear, resentment and despair that haunt you. By being mindful of how our “Ghosts of Past Relationships” affect our present feelings, we can nurture our relationships rather than destroy them.

That may sound drastic, but think about this: with our thoughts, words and actions, we are always either nurturing our relationships or destroying them, little by little. Trapped emotions, Heart-Walls and Ghosts of Relationships Past can all subconsciously prompt us act in ways that undermine and damage bonds with those we love.

How can we move from a reactive state where we unconsciously undermine, damage or destroy our relationships, to a more proactive way of being in which we automatically nurture love and closeness? Both single people and those in committed relationships can use The Emotion Code and The Body Code to conquer Ghosts of Relationships Past. Become the best version of yourself so you can attract the person who is right for you, or if you are in a long-term relationship, replace feelings of resentment, disappointment or indifference with a new sense possibility, excitement and connection.

It’s all about energy. As high vibrational spiritual beings, we are all capable of having a beautiful, loving, fulfilling relationship with the partner that’s right for us. What energy are you experiencing and giving off through the holidays and into the New Year? Join us Dec. 19 as we explore how to banish Ghosts of Relationships Past and move beyond conflict to experience love as we are truly meant to experience it.

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