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Practitioner Spotlight: Meredith Brubaker

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How did you find out about The Emotion Code and The Body Code?

Through a good friend of mine who chose a holistic form of treatment for cancer. Her doctor, who is an MD who has chosen holistic methods for healing a variety of conditions, utilizes The Emotion Code as part of the treatment. My friend insisted I purchase the book to eliminate the underlying causes of stress on my body before I ended up battling something horrific like she did. I loved the book and the results! And now here I am, certified in The Body Code and The Emotion Code and off and running with wonderful clients!

How do you think these healing methods compare to other energy healing modalities?

The Emotion Code and The Body Code are so precise. We are actually asking the "computer" of our client's body to lead us directly to the challenges. There's no guessing. It's a yes or no process to the very specific questions we are trained to ask.

What advice would you give to those that are new to either The Emotion Code or The Body Code?

As you work with your practitioner, understand that you are not the one making the decision regarding what will be cleared, and often neither is your practitioner. Your body is guiding the process and sometimes it needs to address some issues that seem unrelated to your challenge before it can let go of what you are concerned with. For example, you may want to work on the pain in your right shoulder, but your body first wants to address an imbalance in your left ankle. Be patient. Your body will get to your shoulder after it has cleared the energies that need to go first.

What differences do you see between our healing methods and the westernized medical/drug industry?

Interesting question for me as my Mom was an Army nurse during WWII and the 50's. Toward the end of her life, she was concerned about the direction western medicine is going. As she said, "Doctors aren't trained to LOOK at you anymore and they certainly don't seem to want to listen. They simply want to give you tests and then label you with a category as they pull out their prescription pad. Then you are probably going to be worse off as you struggle with the side effects of the pill you are taking." Our healing methods are all about listening to our client and letting their body tell us what is challenged.

Do you have a healing story that you could tell us about?

I have had so many wonderful experiences with success as I work with my clients. My most powerful story on the healing side I have helped a woman who was suicidal and cutting herself to get out of danger. She had been hospitalized twice with no success. A year later her life is great, she is able to love and be completely involved with her children once again and her marriage is making a huge turn for the better.
With the Abundance program I have watched clients go from being in a frozen place....uncertain of their career and their huge success and confidence with a passion for what they do!

If you could tell the world about Dr. Nelson's methods in one sentence, what would it be?

This gift that Dr. Nelson has given to us is powerful! My clients and I do a silent prayer before each session. Many of them believe in the Universe or the Creator, some in God. It doesn't matter. When we pray for our Higher Powers to guide us and help us, amazing things happen.

How do you see this work impacting the future of health care?

The melding of Western technology and energy work is going to make a huge difference in the recovery and longevity of the patients to whom it is applied!

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