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Practitioner Spotlight: Jean Hope

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How did you find out about The Emotion Code and The Body Code?

I was attending a do-TERRA event and I overheard one woman talking about 'emotions' and 'trapped emotions' and 'received a contract' and 'getting paid for first time ever' and 'life changing.' I, being trained as a counselor, am all about an emotion, so I was VERY curious. Two weeks later, at another do-TERRA meeting, a woman showed up and hallelujah, she was the person responsible for the 1st woman's excitement about 'EMOTIONS.' And, she was the speaker! I was introduced that night to The Emotion Code and my husband and I were absolutely blown away! She came to our house and did an EC session on both of us. It was incredible! Really hard to believe, but the evidence was hard to refute. I asked her lots of questions and she said, "Get the book, The Emotion Code, Jean, it will answer all your questions." And, guess what? I did and it did. Did I mention that I had been praying a long time for my purpose to be revealed? After I began The Emotion Code Certification, I learned about The Body Code and immediately assumed I would never be able to do that. Then I went through Blow Away Your Blocks to Wealth and Abundance, just as the first lady I mentioned had done, and without any effort at all my internal dialogue completely changed from lack to abundance! I know that I know that I know. Has my purpose been revealed? Indeed it has. I am now a CBCP and it's the most awesome thing I could ever imagine doing. Leave it to God to find absolutely the perfect fit.

How do you think these healing methods compare to other energy healing modalities?

Well, I might be a tad biased, but I don't believe any other healing methods can come anywhere close to the efficacy and simplicity of The Emotion Code and the comprehensive, laser-focused Body Code. They are tools like nobody has ever seen before, doing things that nobody's really ever done before. It's great to be on the cutting edge!

What advice would you give to those that are new to either The Emotion Code or The Body Code?

You WILL learn to muscle test just like the pros! Just keep practicing.
Take advantage of all the training available. It is so valuable.
Do as many sessions as you are able - it will build your confidence and increase your skill level. I did 97 in my Body Code Certification and wrote 130 pages of notes. When I started doing the sessions I was scared and very unsure of what I was doing. When I finished, I was much more confident and my skills had increased dramatically - and I keep learning and getting better all the time.

What differences do you see between our healing methods and the westernized medical/drug industry?

My sessions do not have side effects.
If I recommend wild oregano oil for a bacterial infection, the client does not then need to use/take 7 other oils because of the problems that were caused by the previously prescribed oils.
If a person's immune system is not functioning at 100%, I can find out why and fix it.

I have tools and skills to identify imbalances, there is no guess work. But if I go to the doctor and tell him I can't sleep, he doesn't try to find out why I can't sleep, he just says 'You're depressed, take this Lexapro.'

Do you have a healing story that you could tell us about?

I do - I have a lot of them, but this one is very recent.

The client is a 14-year-old female. In the last two years, she has decompensated considerably. She is acting out in very destructive ways, smoking pot, engaged in sexual activity, defiant, angry, lying, noncompliant; does exactly what she wants to do, blames mother for everything. She has lost a lot of weight in the last two years -partly because she grew taller and slimmed down naturally and partly because she was skipping a lot of meals and generally not eating as she should. Five weeks ago she was admitted into a world renown hospital because she said she wanted to harm herself. After about a week, she was placed into the eating disorder unit. She was diagnosed with depression, anxiety, and an eating disorder, which the hospital said they were 100% sure of and from that moment forward progress was measured only by the amount of food she ate every day. During this time, she had violent angry outbursts, she threw a chair in the dining room, she had screaming meltdowns in the family therapy sessions. Their solution; more drugs. She is on a mood stabilizer, although no mood disorder has been diagnosed and she's receiving ever increasing dosages of anxiety and anti-depressants. As the days passed, she was getting worse and worse instead of better and better. I know this child. I asked her months ago if I could do a session on her and she said no. Now, her mother is desperate for help and nothing is really being done. I asked her if she wanted me to work with her daughter and she said yes, do whatever you can, she said. Since I knew the child wouldn't work with me any other way, I told her mother I would work on her while she was asleep. The first session was a very brief one done late at night, it revealed a Heart-Wall. A TE of Low Self-Esteem was released, then a Post-Hypnotic Suggestion (no inversion!) was found, the drumbeat of 'I am fat', 'I am ugly' and 'no one loves me' pounded in her head over and over, this was released. Then back to the HW, a TE of grief, having to do with the boyfriend (who is abusive) was released and an inherited helplessness, from three generations of mothers - released from all. A period of time lapsed between the first session and the next. On 2/12, she announced in family therapy that she no longer wanted to live. On 2/14, at 5:35AM, using the EC I focused on her Heart-Wall, releasing a lot of trapped emotions. That morning I asked the Subconscious if she feel better today? Yes, was the answer. I also asked if anyone would notice. Later that day during family therapy, the counselor said to her '_______, you seem to be in a good mood today, can you tell me what changed?' The answer, 'I don't know, I just woke up feeling good and I knew it was going to be a good day'. This is the first positive improvement she had had since being hospitalized. Since then, I have done sessions on her every morning, releasing, releasing, releasing. This morning 2/19, I got up extra early to begin by checking for offensive energies, just as Wendie Edwards' webinar suggested. Very productive. She was corded with a male (the boyfriend) reproductive organs, she created the cord. Then there was another cording immediately after, this was also with the boyfriend, brain to brain. These were completely released and then onto to the next offensive energy, 43 evil spirit energies. There were several causes for their attraction, released all those and all the evil spirit energies. Then as Wendie suggested, I checked the Chakra for possible disconnections, yes, she was not 100% connected with the Crown Chakra - all the underlying causes for that were Heart-Wall related - released all those related TEs and everything is 100%. I spoke with her mother today after the family therapy session. Mom said that her daughter was doing very well. She is following all the rules, there are no angry outbursts, there is no talk about not wanting to live. She had earned a weekend at her dads and he reported it was very good - everything went great.

Now, what happened in just over one week? Did the meds all start working at the same time? I don't think so. Maybe it was the counseling, that didn't work for the first four weeks, but suddenly did. Was that it? Probably not. So, what did cause this unexplainable improvement? There is absolutely no doubt in my mind and I am sure there's none in yours either. We have been given an awesome and powerful gift. Powerful enough to change the course of one child's life and she knows nothing about it. Thanks be to God and Dr. Nelson. The client - she's being discharged on March 5th.

If you could tell the world about Dr. Nelson's methods in one sentence, what would it be?

Dr. Nelson is a pioneer, forging new paths, breaking new ground, making the impossible, possible.

How do you see this work impacting the future of health care?

I see it already happening. Our regional cancer center has an integrative medicine program.

I can see a day when people have regular sessions to keep the clutter cleared from their bodies so their bodies can do the healing work themselves.

When there is no more poisonous treatments and only healthy, non-invasive, gentle and powerful energy work used to eliminate the imbalances causing health and/or emotional problems.

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