Equine Love


written by Christine Danyi

"There's facts about horses, and there's opinion's about horses. The horses have the facts, and the humans have the opinions. If you want facts about a horse, always get them straight from the horse. If you want opinions, get them from the human." adapted from Kinship With All Life by J Allen Boone.

Okay, but how do you get the facts from a horse? We don't speak their language so how do we communicate in order to discover what the horse is emotionally feeling?

Of course being a horse whisperer would be cool, but is there an easier way?

I think so. I've been communicating with animals for the last few years using a wonderful technique called The Emotion Code. The Emotion Code uses muscle testing, often called muscle response analysis, to uncover negative emotions that may be trapped in the energy body. These trapped emotions can lead to behavioral issues in animals and may even manifest in their physical bodies. With The Emotion Code we can create a dialogue with the subconscious mind of the animal, find the trapped emotions, and then release them.

Recently I was invited to do some Equine Emotion Code sessions at a stable in central Florida. The folks there got to see first hand the power of this technique. Blythe, a 26 year old mare, had about a dozen of these trapped emotions. And not surprisingly, for almost every emotion released, her owner knew what the event was that caused the trapped emotion. For example, there was the emotion of 'disgust' having to do with a horse that Blythe was having trouble with. Blythe also had the emotion of 'unworthy'. When we determined that the emotion got trapped at around age 11, the owners eyes began to swell up with tears. She told me that this was the time when she tried to sell Blythe. She never knew that her horse thought that she was no longer wanted. Amazingly, after clearing that emotion in the usual way, down the governing meridian, Blythe began to yawn. She yawned three times in succession. "Look, she's releasing" the owners friend said. I asked what she meant, knowing that in my Energy Medicine world, yawning was energy moving. I had no idea that it meant something similar, but it did. It meant that the horse was releasing and relaxing. In horse body language a yawn is an outward sign of an internal or mental shift. Blythe was confirming in own her language that a change had taken place!

Then it was time for Merlin's Emotion Code session. Merlin had a peculiar behavior with his mouth and tongue. He would nervously lick his lips, especially when he felt uncomfortable. He would also get terribly upset at himself when he did something wrong, even if it was minor. Merlin had several trapped emotions around the age of 11 (he's 16) when his owner purchased him and he had a terrible stomach ulcer. No one knew it at the time and no one had diagnosed his odd behavior as being anything other than emotional. They thought he was just acting out and didn't realize he was actually trying to communicate that something was psychically wrong with him. The emotions of frustration, failure, conflict, and heartache all surfaced at around the same age of 11-12. We were now able to release these trapped emotions dealing with not being understood. The next day his owner said he was more relaxed and loving. A week later I did a remote session on Merlin, releasing more emotions related to his feeling bad about himself and then his big shift came!

In the owner's own words, here's what she said,

"Sorry this is the first time I got to my computer. Big changes!! Even noticed by outside sources. Thank you sooooo much - he seems tremendously more relaxed!! This is Sunday and he still seems great - no tongue AT ALL!! I want to keep up with this - I am a true believer!!"

What an empowering feeling for these owners to be able to help their horses, Merlin and Blythe, release the trapped emotions that had been accumulating for years. These owners knew in their hearts that their horses wanted, needed and were ready for help and they didn't hesitate to try something new. They were able to help their four legged friends by putting aside their opinions about what they thought the horse was feeling and instead went right for the facts with the help of The Emotion Code.

So if you want the facts, you need to go to the horse. And what better way to get the facts than with The Emotion Code.

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6 Comments to "Equine Love"

  1. Zelia Pryor

    March 27, 2014

    Amazing Christine! Sooo proud of you!!!



  2. Marie Holliday

    March 28, 2014

    Great article and how encouraging for those that havent tried the Emotion Code with animals. I have used EC many times now with animals including horses and interestingly whislt an EFT Trainer of Trainers and love EFT, I find with the Emotion Code, a story can unfold with an animal so unexpectedly and importantly can often be verified. My work with animals has been via Skype, surrogate and even Facebook and thank you Dr Brad for sharing this amazing technique to help not only ourselves and other people -but our animal companions.

    • Christine Danyi

      March 31, 2014

      Thanks Marie, I too love EFT and have used it for years with clients. And just as you have found, EC allows for a deeper connection, an unspoken understanding, that gives the animal space to express it's story.

  3. Helena N.I. Kristiansen, Copenhagen, Denmark

    March 28, 2014

    Hi Christine
    You are so right!.
    ask the horse itself, as Bradley says, it knows!.
    I use it for my chickens, and our friends dogs, and yes it works!!.
    I found The Emotion Code via watching a Youtube video about Michelle Tennant´s problems with her chicken Blackie!.
    We just got two sets of chickens, from two different places, and they did not get along, so I found this Youtube video, and little did I know then, that it was for me as well;
    having an accident with my foot, 11 month earlier, I was so happy, to find this healing method.
    Now, it was time for me, to heal as well!
    What method do you use?, I use proxy for the animals.
    It is so great to hear, when people use it for animals, because that way, you suddenly
    speak their language, I feel, that I have bonded more, with my chickens now, because, I
    feel they now know, that I listen to them, and help them.
    It may sound crazy, but now they are heard!
    I am currently Certifying in The Emotion Code, and I will be finished in july, if everything goes well.
    hugs from Helena, and keep up the good work!.

    • Christine Danyi

      March 31, 2014

      Hi Helena,
      Cool about your chickens! And it's not crazy! You're right! You've stepped into their world by opening a channel of communication with them. When I worked on the horses I used both surrogate testing with the owner and proxy with just myself. I actually have a hypothesis that it may work better by proxy. I believe that our animals are so tuned into 'the field' that they can read our thoughts or opinions at all times and because the animal already knows how their owners feel about them, it affects the information in the field. I felt a greater connection with the horses when the owners were not there and it was just me and the horse. I even got better results! It was almost like their responses were more genuine because they didn't have to get filtered through the owner's field first.
      Good luck with your certification! Hugs! ~Christine

  4. lorrie

    March 29, 2014

    Here is a session with my horse we trained Justin

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