Epigenetics and The Emotion Code


Genes, DNA, and genetics are terms in biology that describe how we inherit our biology from our parents and ancestors through messages held in DNA.

It is believed that when there is any form of inherited disease (such as cancer, diabetes, heart disease, etc.) in the family, that it can be passed on to your children, your grandchildren and so on.

I would like to invite you to another possibility. What if it is possible that genes don’t control our biology?

This is where the field of Epigenetics comes in. Previously, it has been believed, and it still is to a certain extent, that our DNA controls our biology and that once we are born with a certain gene or series of “Christmas lights” (to use that analogy), then this will control our life and health, and there is nothing we can do about it. Now, we have a new field of Epigenetics; definition of "epi": meaning, that there is something above the genes that controls how the gene is read, or, how the series of Christmas lights are read!

So what is “above” that controls the genes? Our emotions, beliefs and perceptions. Dr. Bruce Lipton did some studies with stem cells to show this. Through his experiments, he was able to deduce that it is the environment that the cells are in that controls how the gene is read.

As humans, our senses can be likened to being antennae that receive information from the environment, which then influences how the genes are read. Internally, our cells have their own antennae that pick up on our internal environment and relay messages to the DNA.

Another extremely important point is that each gene can be read in 30,000 different ways! What influences how it is read are the signals that the cells receive!

How does this fit in with the Emotion Code?
Everything is energy. Our emotions, thoughts, beliefs and perceptions make up our internal environment that then influences our genes. We can pick up emotions, thoughts, beliefs and perceptions from our environment, not to mention the ones that we experience ourselves. These are all energy.

With the Emotion Code it is possible to identify the emotions that are behind any form of dis-ease in the body and release it. But specifically, what excites me the most, is how we can identify inherited emotions too!

Inherited emotions are emotions that are passed down to us at the point of conception from our parents. These can then be handed down from generation to generation. These trapped emotions influence the way in which our genes are read and can lead to what looks like “inherited conditions”.

Many diseases such as, cancer, diabetes, heart disease and many more are influenced by our external and internal environments - these include our emotions, thoughts, beliefs and perceptions.

A study was done with adopted children who had “inherited cancer”. These adopted children “inherited” the cancer with the same propensity that the “blood” children did. Family dynamics (which are the beliefs and perceptions in the family) is what creates the environment in which the cancer can develop, as these children don’t share any genetic information with the adopted parents.

If we can tap into the energies that would unlock positive gene expression in these conditions, then we can free up the DNA to be expressed positively. Using the Emotion Code allows us to do just that. To me that is a very exciting prospect, as it allows us to move away from the victim mentality and into empowerment, and ultimately to the knowledge that we do have control over our biology.

Here is a fun, animated video, that I created to explain this topic further. In the video I present how new evidence suggests that having love, compassion, and joy can influence how our genes are also read.

Recently I worked on a mum and her child in utero. The child was suspected of having a birth defect. This was their testimonial, and the baby is now almost one year old and normal.

-by Charan Surhar, Certified Emotion Code and Body Code Practitioner

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2 Comments to "Epigenetics and The Emotion Code"

  1. Laurie Teitelbaum

    April 27, 2013

    Hi. I practice some of the emotion code and body code in my office. I find this field very important indeed. How do you suggest I broaden my knowledge in this area to learn more about your technique of clearing the energy fields around DNA?

    • Connie Barton

      April 29, 2013

      Hi Laurie,

      We do not work specifically on DNA.
      We do locate inherited trapped emotions when the body indicates.
      You can learn more about this process by attending our Body Code Seminar in Utah, June 27-29, or by purchasing Dr. Nelson's teaching DVD's and listen/watching his webinars.

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