Buildings and The Emotion Code


Today, I had a water leak in my house, and the events that occurred after it inspired me to write this article.

The Emotion Code is based on the fact that everything is energy, including our emotions, our organs, and tissues. If that is the case, then so are the buildings we live in energy, including objects too, like planes, cars and so on.

Yes, of course these objects can’t express emotions, or feel them (well we assume they can’t), but what if it is possible that they pick up the emotions of others around them?

If everything is energy, it is possible that energies can get transferred and trapped in other energies.

As the water began to leak, and it was found that the leak had happened from the bathroom above, I thought to myself about how water has been associated with emotions by Eastern philosophies, and thought what if this “symptom” was telling me something needed to be cleared?

Just as with the Emotion Code I connected with the house using muscle testing and then asked if there were any trapped emotions that needed to be cleared, and I got a yes. The emotions that came up were shock, guilt, overwhelm and worthless, all absorbed from the previous owner from a year ago, who had leukemia. She was diagnosed while living in this house, and then moved out to a bungalow. As I would when working with individuals, after identifying each emotion, I released them energetically.

When I moved in here a year ago, I had looked at the house then too, and asked if there were any trapped emotions then, and had released quite a few. This water leak felt like the house was getting my attention to release the other few emotions.

I had a handyman come out and repair the leak and the energy of house now feels “happy”.
If energetically those too can be cleared of trapped emotions, we can live in harmony with our surroundings on so many levels.

Just sharing my thoughts… 

Charan Surdhar

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15 Comments to "Buildings and The Emotion Code"

  1. Christine

    July 1, 2013

    Very Interesting. The week we were moving from our home of twenty years the hot water service leaked and a water pipe in the bathroom split and sprayed water everywhere. I was not aware of any energy teachings then but always felt the house was reacting to our leaving.

  2. laura

    July 2, 2013

    Very interesting Charan!
    I'l check on my house and other 'stuff' if I can clear some imbalances there!
    Always a pleasure reading your articles!!

  3. Annette Janover

    July 2, 2013

    Thanks Charan I always enjoy your articles and input. I agree with you and my car responds to my positive input and gratitude for her performance. Some think I'm crazy but I believe that this approach keeps her running beautifully!

  4. krosmon

    July 4, 2013

    Thank you for this article. I've lived in my small mobile home for over 30 years, and people never come over as they don't feel comfortable - clutter, etc. I just read this article this afternoon, so decided to see if there was an emotion blockage with this place, and there was a big one - the original owners fought all the time and the husband was almost abusive. They sold it to me after living here for 17 years. The house said it was full of anger from the orignal couple - no problem with me, just the former owners. I did the code this afternoon so we'll see if people feel more welcome when (and if) they come over to visit me. This is so interesting.

  5. Joshua

    July 12, 2013

    I am so excited to hear someone else have an experience like this. I thought about plants having emotions as they are living and have spirits. I then considered how even the elements are energy and obey to the Creator. It is incredible to learn about energy work and the vast possibilities of healing the world. Thank you for sharing!

  6. Bonnie Thompson

    July 12, 2013

    Thanks for sharing this, Charan! It made me think of when we moved into our house here. We found that the water heater had burst and flooded the basement the day we were moving in! Now I'll be checking for TEs in the house. Hadn't thought of that before, although I've cleared TEs for clients' businesses and homes.

  7. Deb Gelatt

    July 12, 2013

    I get it-that a house has energy but once you find it how are you releasing it? I know with the body you release it with a roll of the magnet.

  8. Barry Mc Carthy

    July 13, 2013

    Very interesting reading about TE's and dealing with the trapped emotions (energy) I previously only had knowledge about removing entities, thought-forms using dowsing techniques and I have dowsed to clear things particularly if you have brought anything pre-owned into your home and you wish to clear other's energy etc.

  9. Carol Preslar

    July 13, 2013

    Wow! I don't know why it had not occurred to me to test the house and the car after my husband passed away. I have been having all sorts of problems with both the house and the car and thought maybe it had to do with the emotions I was clearing from myself. After reading this I did some testing and found that it is actually my late husband's emotions that are related to the problems I am having and have started to clear them since I read this. The house feels better already. Thanks for this revelation! This work never ceases to amaze me.

  10. Janet Riganti

    July 14, 2013

    Thanks for sharing your experience with your house Charan. I have not only released energies from our house, but also the land the house is sitting on, as well as energies from the surrounding community, and the nearby school.

    Some of the energies were very old from ~200 & 400 years ago in our community. It corroborates the history here as well!

    As a result, BIG positive shifts happening in the community and the school, and of course in our home!

  11. Lilia Safonov

    July 15, 2013

    Charan, thank you for your article. I know that things around us have emotions and try to communicate with us. You found a way to articulate it very well. About two year ago we have a 10-year old Chrysler 300M which we really loved. But we still decided to buy a new car just in case. Even after that we mostly used our Chrysler. One day my husband was driving the car and we were discussing how much we loved and appreciated it and how we didn't want to part with it and would like to use it as long as we can. All of a sudden a pick up truck came rushing across a loan and right into the passenger side next to me. We got air born and landed on an adjacent road. Our pure car was total, however, both of us came out perfectly well, not even a scratch. The police officer who came to the site could not believe it. We both feel that our car listened to us, loved us as much as we loved it and saved us. We are very thankful to it even now. Please don't think that we are crazy, we are perfectly rational people. And still we feel it.

  12. Lilia Safonov

    July 15, 2013

    How do you clean the house? Using the magnet the same way as with people? Move it along the corners or walls? Thank you.

  13. Heike Scherer

    July 17, 2013

    Chandar, this is great! I love your understanding of the inner spirit of all things. Thank you for sharing all your wonderful impacts with us!!

    Janet Riganti - what a wonderful description of what you did to your neighbourhood and community - think, this is how it ALL should work :))

    This is a big invitation to follow; just imagine we are doing this all over the world, everywhere, in every place!!

    Years ago, my dishwasher didn't work. I did all what I knew about to get it started. I pushed the startbutton again and again, I pushed it longer than normal, I checked if there was something wrong with the electrical wires and I even switched off and on the main fuse of the house. With no effort. Being alone with little money at that time I could not pay big repair bills. So, after all, I went to the living room, knelt down and humbly asked Heavenly Father for some help. The answer came prompt and clear: go to the kitchen, place your hands onto the machine, then again press the start button for a longer while. I immediately went over and did what I was told. You know already what happened, right? About 15 seconds after pushing and keeping the start button pressed the machine turned on and started to work! Isn't that amazing? To me it was.
    I stood there in the middle of my kitchen with tears running down my cheeks, my heart overflowing with gratefulness to Heavenly Father and how wonderful it feels to be part of the whole big being, we are in! This is one of my very special experiences about how all things are connected, all is energy, and that we can really serve as canal or tool for Heavenly intentions. I still feel overwhelming love, impression and gratitude when thinking back to this simple little miracle that happened to me on a bright summer morning when being alone in my kitchen.

    Let us experience the mighty dimension of this wonderful work we are only digging at the surface, right now!! Amazing!!

    With all my love and thanks to you all

  14. Heike Scherer

    July 17, 2013

    Charan, I'm sorry - I put your name wrong!
    It's "Charan" and not "Chandar", of course.

  15. Crystal Renner

    August 16, 2013

    Charan, what an inspirational article. Seems like it struck a cord with quite a few of us. I was too new in the EC when my renter began to have hip problems. I was testing the house for negative energy and found that the chair she had just starting sitting in had bad energy. It was a chair that had been sat in almost every day by a man who was an alcoholic. I removed the chair immediately and got rid of it. I wonder now if I could have kept and salvaged it. Your article and a few other of the comments also brought to mind that a house I sold once had a hot water heater break just after signing the sale papers ? Hmmmmm Well, now we all know what to do, get out there and check for TE's no matter what it is (: I have to say, I have always prayed for my vehicles and never have been stranded by the side of the road. God is Good. Dr. Brad, thank you so much. I feel like I have found the answer to my calling thru this modality.

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