4 Things you Must Know about Energy Healing


For the last 7 years my experience as an energy practitioner, along with my clients, has taught me so much about myself. It really is an internal journey of the heart when we begin to do this work. 

What I have discovered is that if we can hold the intention to carry through with the four points I mention below, then it will allow for our clients to come to a space where their bodies can come back into the flow, and it is from this space that “health” shines through.

1. Coming from the Heart Space: It’s so important that as practitioners we clear our own Heart-Wall and are able to come from our hearts in an authentic way. The heart radiates a frequency that is pure and can impact more than just our biology, but also the biology of our clients. Our heart frequencies act similar to a tuning fork to which a client’s body can begin to tune to. Personally, this has meant that I continue to check in with myself and see if I have created any more trapped emotions around the heart.

2. Prayer: As Dr Bradley Nelson always does, I have also found this to be a beautiful way to tune into the universal intelligence. This allows me to get “out of the way”. Our thoughts, emotions and beliefs have their own frequency, and asking for help prior to working allows me to move out of these frequencies and into the universal intelligence or source.

3. Expectations: When we have expectations of wanting a certain outcome with our clients, that holds a frequency that is of a narrower bandwidth than if we come into a session from a space of asking “What else is possible?”. My favorite way to begin a session is to ask “What can I contribute here?”. This gets me out of expecting nothing and opening up to the many possibilities that are available, which is a huge bandwidth of many possibilities.

4. Holding the Space: When we can come from our heart space, with prayer and no expectations, this allows us to hold the space for our clients in a way that is “neutral”. When we are in this space, the energy of Source comes through us and touches our clients in a magical way, allowing magic to happen.

Here are a few insightful definitions to terms that Charan uses.

Definition of "flow": Everything in the universe is working in harmony, and when this is the case we experience harmony as we are in the flow.

Definition of "universal intelligence of source": Through everything runs the energy of God or Source, and this has an intelligence. Just like the Earth and planets move around the sun, the trees grow from seedlings, geese know which direction to fly in winter and so on, this is the Universal intelligence of Source.

Definition of "bandwidth": The universal energy runs through everything and this encompasses everything. When we are in a space where we are expecting an outcome, we "restrict" the flow to a narrower bandwidth as compared to being open to all possibilities whereby anything is possible.

written by Charan Surdhar, Emotion Code and Body Code Practitioner


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4 Comments to "4 Things you Must Know about Energy Healing"

  1. Joanne Short

    April 10, 2013

    Hi Charan,
    I just read what Dr Bradley posted on FB and then came to here to your post. I have read the Emotion Code book and have been doing some releasing work. This a such a great process and makes such sense to me.
    I work with energetic tools that operate on the same principle of being the tuning fork for body, assisting the body to remain at healthy frequencies so that the body may heal itself. These are amazing tools and products that can bring about such big shifts in the body. Pain issues are the easiest to notice how quickly the body is able to shift away from the experience of pain. I am really excited about these products from ZeroPoint Global and would love to share more about them with you at your convenience. Or you may learn more from looking at this website or
    Blessings of Health and Wellness

  2. Hazel Markou

    April 10, 2013

    Thank you for this Charan

    Over the past few weeks I have stopped myself trying to consciously analyse what might be "going on" with clients as their imbalances are identified and have pulled right back to keeping it simple and just following The Body Code System. To achieve this I have (without knowing it) met your four points and most importantly for me, point 3 about expectations. The results have definitely been even more astounding than before.

    Thank you for having the ability to articulate your thoughts and for sharing them.

  3. Kimberly Dornbush

    April 12, 2013

    Enjoyed the article and I agree in removing your own heartwall, I still release as many imbalances as my body will allow. I really feel we have to do the work we are wanting others to do and the more imbalances I remove the clearer my intuition is. I like not having expectations and just letting it flow, the body knows what is best for the client and that is where the faith and trust comes in.

  4. Kay Church

    May 30, 2013

    April 3, 2013 I received my Emotion Code Practitioner Certification. These four steps outlined by you resonate with my beginnings. Thank you. I will utilize them each time I work...looking forward to ongoing self-work, too. Thanks again.

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