A Happy and Healthy Pregnancy for You and Your Child: A Premium Members Webinar with Dr. Bradley Nelson

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On Wednesday May 11, at 1 p.m. Eastern Time, Dr. Bradley Nelson will present “A Happy and Healthy Pregnancy for You and Your Child.” This webinar will help increase your knowledge and understanding of The Emotion Code and The Body Code so you can help yourself and others. Don't miss it!

Just about every expectant mother waits with anticipation for the birth of her child. There are so many positive emotions surrounding this life-changing event – love, hope, joy and excitement, to name a few. Sometimes, though, we carry negative emotions from past events in our lives that can cause feelings of anxiety, fear and worry to surface during pregnancy.

Having trapped emotions or a Heart-Wall™ can impact an unborn baby’s growth and development, and lead to stress and worry for the mom-to-be. Getting rid of a mother’s trapped emotions is particularly important in development of the heart of the unborn child, says Charan Surdhar, a Certified Emotion Code and Body Code Practitioner who has worked with expectant mothers.

“The heart is the first organ that forms in the baby, and it then sends out information to the cells of the growing fetus, as to where and what needs to grow and into what,” she says. “In the same way, the heart of the mother is vital in sending out information to her organs and glands as to how her body is regulated during pregnancy, including the baby, as it is part of her.”

The Emotion Code offers us a safe and natural way to connect with the subconscious mind to find and release trapped emotions, so that expectant moms can experience joy and anticipation rather than fear and worry. That, of course, lessens the chances of mothers passing trapped emotions to their unborn children.

In our May 11 webinar, we’ll explore in detail the many issues surrounding healthy pregnancy, including:

• Whether or not it's safe to work on your baby in utero and the ethics of this question.
• How to address and correct emotional issues with you and your baby.
• How to keep you and your unborn child connected during pregnancy.
• How inherited imbalances can cause problems even before your baby is born.
• How
 having the same imbalances as your unborn baby can affect your mood during pregnancy.
• How disconnections can contribute to morning sickness, and how to prevent it. (Hopefully we'll even get to demonstrate this with a live volunteer.)

These are just a few of the topics we plan to cover on May 11, with plenty of time for your call-in questions. Join us as we explore how using The Emotion Code and The Body Code can make pregnancy, labor and delivery easier, healthier and happier.

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