MagCreator by Nikken

The MagCreator is my own device of choice for use with The Emotion Code, because it is a magnificently-made piece of equipment that will last for many years, and can most likely be handed down to your grandchildren. It is made of stainless steel, with long-lasting roller bearings, and is great for massage. Magnets are embedded in the rollers.


Kenko MagDuo by Nikken

The MagDuo, Nikken's new model of the MagBoy, is a great little massager which also works very well for unlocking The Body Code. The two magnets are housed in a hard plastic case, and can be removed and rubbed in the hands. During my years in practice I called the MagBoy my 'pain eraser' as it would usually alleviate discomfort of whatever type within about a minute.

mStrides by Nikken

Incorporating the same exclusive EQL Magnetic Technology as Magsteps, the development of mStrides opens up a whole new world to people everywhere. A major step forward in design and engineering, mStrides feature patented DynaFlux® Magnetic Technology and exceptional comfort.

Nikken Magnetic Pad - MagFlex

All Nikken magnets utilize both North and South poles for maximum effect. In addition, these magnets include infrared material that provides another portion of the electromagnetic spectrum for enhanced healing.

Magnetic Chart

The Emotion Code Magnetic Chart

This chart is 3" X 5", and has the full Emotion Code Chart conveniently printed on it, so you have ultimate convenience when releasing trapped emotions.
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Any Refrigerator Magnet Will Do!

While any of the magnets listed above are preferred, a business-card type of magnet will also work. The advantage of the Nikken magnets is that they are designed for relieving discomfort and body balancing, and so they have more uses than just relieving trapped emotions.


About Nikken

Nikken is arguably the foremost wellness technology company in the world, and it was their magnetic products that have changed my life and the lives of so many others. This page is dedicated to Nikken, and I will be including my Nikken lectures here, as well as links to purchase Nikken products, etc.

As you are probably aware, we use magnets in the book "The Emotion Code" to release trapped emotions and balance the body. It is my experience that a variety of different magnets can be used, but I have listed my personal favorites on this page.

In my experience, any of these will work, and you may already have one of these in your home. Let me explain a little more about these 5 devices and their relative costs, as well as how you might obtain one of them. Bearing in mind that ALL these devices will work, I have listed them here for you. If you are serious about using the Emotion Code for very long, I highly recommend the Nikken magnets. In the interest of full-disclosure, I am a Nikken Wellness Consultant.

Nikken is an international company that was founded in 1975 in Japan. They have done a tremendous amount of research in this field, and really know how to make wonderful magnets that I have come to rely on for healing. They have a whole stable of magnetic products, including some of the most advanced magnetic devices available.

If you are interested in purchasing the Nikken Magnets you have several options.

1. You can buy them at full retail (from Nikken) by clicking here



2. You can become a Nikken "Wellness Consultant," giving you the ability to pay wholesale for any of the Nikken Products, and allowing you to make money by selling these products as well. There is an initial fee of $99, and an annual renewal fee of around $79.

To become a Nikken consultant or member and buy Nikken products at wholesale (in the United States), click here.

Click on the video below to watch me talk about Nikken and The Emotion Code

Here is a recent recording of a telephone seminar I gave to a group of Nikken distributors in the Western U.S., where talked about how I became involved with Nikken, as well as my early experiences with the Nikken magnets and the Nikken pi water systems. - Dr. Brad : )

3. You can order Nikken magnets here:

If you have questions about the Nikken magnets or would like to place an order, please contact Tookie Johns  at (775) 220-6276.