General Health

#5 Stabilizer

Stabilizes and normalizes new, healthy cells.

(60 capsules)



#80 R LUNG

Helps restore normal respiratory rhythms. Reduces build-up of mucus. Eases respiratory dysfunction, emphysema, chronic sore throat, breathing impairment, and hoarseness.

(60 capsules)




Corrects metabolism at a cellular level; a brain stimulator. Supports pineal and thalamus glands. Helps control fatigue. Manages fat utilization by the body. Reestablishes the pituitary function. Helps regulate the appetite.

(60 capsules)



#427 - DReM - SLEEP AID

Benefits: Promotes healthy sleep and relaxation.

This formula contains key amounts of tryptophan, melatonin, GABA and herbs to aid the body in maintaining healthy sleep patterns.

(60 capsules)



#75 - N3 - RELAXA

General pain reliever. Provides mild pain relief and enhances relaxation.

Often used as an aid to sleep.

(60 capsules)




Multi source calcium balanced to assure bioavailability. Ten sources of calcium blended with magnesium and vitamins C, D and E, plus Lecithin.

Satisfies the body's need for calcium through easy assimilation.

(60 capsules)







Adrenal Extract Provides a healthy balance of the body's chemistry.

(.5 oz dropper bottle)