Fungal Infections and Candida

Tai Ra Chi 

A Bio Extract of Pau D'Arco (polarity corrected) from South America which many doctors believe is a powerful anti-viral, anti-fungal, and anti-biotics. It also contains extracts of Cynita which work with the pancreas and extracts of Ceriece which are cellular normalizers. It is based upon work done in South America in treating diabetes, tumors, stomach disorders, and candida.

INGREDIENTS: Brazilian Pau D'Arco; Jamaican Ceriece; South American Cynita; stabilized in neutral Grain Spirits.

2 Oz bottle including Spring Water; Grain Spirits, Brazilian Pau DÕArco; Jamaican Ceriece; South American Cynita.


T4 Fung DX Tincture 

This formula, FungDX, is new in concept. As an herbal nutriment, FungDX cleanses residues from the blood and tissues; it also neutralizes/oxidizes and removes toxins and waste materials. In addition, this formula is essential in accelerating any programs dealing with fungal or viral conditions (herpes, influenza, candida). 1 Oz. Bottle with Dropper


INGREDIENTS: Pau D' Arco; Wintergreen Oil; Gum Arabic; Spearmint Oil; Grapefruit Rind Extract; Leptotoenia Oil.

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