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    Deborah R. Thrasher

    Hi Everyone:

    Well, this is a new adventure for me! I have a client who wanted to explore her irrational fears that have plagued her for years. Post hynoptic suggestion came up. Her body said she had three of them. We were able to expose the first one. It came easily when talking about music. The second one was half explosed and the third one not at all. Her body did say how old she was for all three of them. But very little came to her mind for the second one and nothing for the third. We are going to revisit this next week and in the mean time I suggested that she allow memories around those ages to come forth and the hynotic suggestions will come.

    Any helpful tips on how to handle this subject? I really did not know what to ask or how to guide her besides exploring time frame (age) and things that were going on then.

    She also had a miasm and the need for a T3 session. The miasm released fine. But this was my first T3 need and I was unsure of how to handle that also. I wrote a note to I did watch the U-Tube video and told her to watch it this week to familarize herself with the tx.

    So many new things!! Thanks for the help..........

    Blessings, Debbie


    Hazel Markou

    Hi Deborah

    You are certainly getting some interesting client sessions these days. In my view this is because you are ready for them 🙂

    I'm assuming you had your client present from the way you express your question. However, in my experience this is where your intuition needs to articulate the client's subconscious statements just as if you were doing a session by Proxy.

    With Post Hypnotic Suggestions (as well as with Despair Anchors, Images, Broadcast messages and Intolerances of thoughts and ideas etc) it is not so much about what comes to the client's mind as what arrives in your mind. I should imagine that you know whether you see pictures, hear voices or have things "just" pop into your mind, so being aware of how you receive Intuition, sit quietly and wait for something to arrive. If nothing appears after 10 - 15 seconds try asking if there is an imbalance blocking the phrase/suggestion from showing itself. If there is then identify it in the standard way, clear it and then focus on establishing the phrase again, offer up a prayer for guidance and you'll probably find it comes. Remember, this may well be something that seems completely 'at odds' with your client's conscious beliefs - hence the disturbance/disharmony it creates. So, to summarise, this is not for your client to work out - I think it would be almost impossible for them to do this; it needs to be what your intuition senses for them.

    With regard to the T3 requirement; often when this comes up you will find that you can't continue the Body Code sessions until T3 has cleared and replaced Faulty Core Belief Systems. There are a number of Body Code practitioners currently advancing well with their training although I don't believe the certification programme has been finalised yet. I'd suggest you post another question with the heading 'Looking for T3 practitioners' and see who replies. Gai Lawson and Peg Sutherland are certainly both well advanced and I know Gai is currently working with clients, but there may well be others that I'm not aware of. I'd offer, but I'm nothing like as far forward with my training as I'd like to be!

    I hope this helps


    Gai Lawson

    Hazel is correct that it is the practitioner who needs to identify the subconscious elements (images, despair anchors, broadcast messages, etc.). If the client were able to readily do this themselves, we would be unneeded and the world would be a chipper place! 🙂

    Years ago I had a session where the practitioner stated that I needed to find a belief that was negatively affecting me (not Body Code or T3, but a completely different modality). I didn't have a clue where or how to discover the belief. It was quite perplexing because I simply didn't know how or why or what to look for. I tried all manner of approaches and came up empty handed.

    This, to me, the Energies category is the most fun part of the Body Code; I love sleuthing these sorts of things out! 🙂 And yes, i am working a lot with T3 these days and absolutely love it!


    Deborah R. Thrasher

    Thank you Hazel and Gai! The session was by proxy over the phone. The T3 session came up first and I was so unfamilier with the process I felt at a loss as to how to direct her. I told her I would get back to her with the info. Then the Post Hypnotic came up and she went 'blank' . Reading to myself from our manual, I thought the suggestions had to come from lyrics from music or video games. The manual then talked about inverted, but she tested strong for good and and weak for evil. So I knew that she was OK there. I was praying for her not me to identify a negative statement! It got confusing and blocked and I could feel it being way off balance. Know I understand why I felt 'out of sorts' asking her to wait for the suggestions to come to her. How could they come to her when they are buried so deep in the subconscious? Yikes...... what a learning experience 🙂

    So question: Does the suggestions have to do with music or videos that have put subliminal messages into the subconscious OR can the suggestions come from anywhere? I did ask the ages of each occurance anddid get answers.

    Gai, are you taking clients for T3 sessions? How much is a session, and how would she get ahold of you? I'm wondering if she should do this before any other work is needed. She has a long hx of depression, hair pulling, OCD behavior and headaches. She is 24 yrs old, very bright and artistic.

    Again, thank you both for guiding me for the sake of my client! I am very grateful.....Blessings, Debbie


    Hazel Markou

    Hi Deborah

    The relevance of music and video games is that the repetitive beat of something like heavy rock music, or the repetitive nature of engagement and actions in some video games switches the brain into a trance like state. When in this state (hypnotic) or just afterwards (post hypnotic) the brain is susceptible to negative phrases (post hypnotic suggestions). They could be related to the theme of the music or video game but, in my experience, aren't always. I do ask the client if they have listened to heavy, repetitive beat, music or played a lot of video games. If they are adamant that they haven't I then test to see if the Post Hypnotic Suggestion was placed by spirit attachments (entities). If the answer to this is yes then I check to see if they are still present and take action accordingly.

    The phrase/statement will always be negative or have an impact in a negative way on the client's life. So, to identify them, explain to your client that you are going to take a few moments of silence, offer up a silent prayer (I thank the Lord for helping my intuition be open to receiving the wording of the suggestion) and then when a thought/picture arrives in your head don't block it by thinking 'it can't be that'. Just muscle test to see if it is correct and however bizarre it might seem, then tell the client what you have found. Remember this is a subconscious thought sabotaging them so it makes perfect sense if it is completely at odds with their conscious mindset. Along the process I encourage the client to tell me if any 'odd' thought pops into their head and then test to see if that is right - however what usually happens is I 'get it' first and then they say something like 'that's odd, I was just thinking the same'!

    Finally, after clearing one I then check to see if there is another one and if there is repeat the process until no more can be found in that session.

    Good luck


    Deborah R. Thrasher

    Morning Hazel:

    Thank you for your clear explanation. I understand the proess much better now!

    For me, most of the time intuition pops into my head and I have a strong sense about 'this is it'. I'm still at the 'trust what comes' stage....LOL One thinks, should I tell them what just came up??? But as my intuition increases, so does my belief in this work. I will pray for the phrases/statements to be clear and direct while not limiting myself to just music/videos. I was confused about the entities but understand it now.

    Agsin, so helpful! Blessings to you!



    Susan Bell

    One of the tools I use when PHS come up is the Feelings Buried Alive Never Die reference guide. In it, it has several pages of both positive and negative emotions that I use as emotional clues, but also statements to help get me closer to the issue.


    Deborah R. Thrasher

    I have not heard of this guide. I will check it out....thank you!


    Gai Lawson

    "Gai, are you taking clients for T3 sessions? How much is a session, and how would she get ahold of you?"

    Yes, thank you for asking—I am accepting clients for T3 sessions. 🙂 You may direct people to the services page of my site ( for fees and contact information.


    Bonita Patton

    Post Hypnotic Suggestions can come from any and video games are mentioned, but understand that we can get these suggestions from any source such as subliminal advertising. Bonita Patton PhD Psychologist


    Anton Gromov

    Dear Debora. There a lot already said. But what is helping me, and I use mostly only this, is the matter fact those type of issues has a NAME. If you identify name, puzzle solved. Your client not necessary will know what he/she has, most of the wouldn't. For an example belief system, actually there is also core belief system, and post hypnotic suggestion, find name of it. At first ask how many words in it, and then start from common, like Me, My Self, I'm, etc, keep going till you get all words. When you'll find name of it, most likely you would be able to release it, of cause maybe necessary to find additional info. Good luck.

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