For Parasites

VRM 1 

Contains the herbs thought to affect nematode parasites that infest the large intestine. Don't use when pregnant, nursing or for children under 8 (eight).

INGREDIENTS: Pau D'Arco; Rose Hips; Garlic; Valerian Root; Hops; Bromelain; Zapilopatle Beans; Hojas de Jalapa; Dolomite; Worm Seed Oil.



VRM 2 

It is a source of the vermifuges that influence the very small or microscopic nematodes found in the tissues and organs throughout the entire body. Don't use when pregnant, nursing or for children under 8 (eight).

Caution: Laxative Effect; keep out of reach of children.

INGREDIENTS: Black Walnut Husks; Wormseed Herb; Kamala; Quassia Chips; Bromelain Enzyme; Bethyl Nut.



VRM 3 

For treating microscopic parasites including giardiasis.

INGREDIENTS: Black Walnut Husks; Carrapichinho; Erva Tostao; Aniz Estrelado; Bromelain Enzyme; Worm Seed Oil; Yerba Santa.



VRM 4 

It is used in the treatment of cellular parasites including amoebas and is a specific for flukes in the liver and kidneys plus giardiasis outside the intestinal tract.

INGREDIENTS: Kamala; Guarana; Carrapichinho; Maracuja; Wormseed Herb; Papain; Alfazema.

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