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Emotion Code Webinar

Emotion Code Webinar Replays

Webinar: The Heart-Wall


Learn all about The Heart-Wall in this exciting webinar with Dr. Bradley Nelson

The concept of the Heart-Wall seems simple enough - a protective wall of energy made of trapped emotions. But what if there was more that you weren't aware of? Join me, Dr. Bradley Nelson for an interesting and informative 75 minute webinar where I uncover everything you've ever wanted to know about the Heart-Wall - and how it could be affecting you! I've performed live sessions with webinar attendees chosen at random, so don't pass this one by!

Topics discussed include:

  • The significance and symbolism of the Heart-Wall "material"
  • Creating a new Heart-Wall - how and why it happens
  • How possible it is for one person to have multiple Heart-Walls
  • Where Heart-Walls and Inherited emotions intersect
  • When you should NOT release someone's Heart-Wall!
  • Facing the same life without the old armor of a Heart-Wall

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