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Webinar: The Body Code


Join Dr. Bradley Nelson, author of The Emotion Code and The Body Code, as he helps us to understand The Body Code: The World's Most Advanced System of Energy Healing in this 90 minute webinar.


Here is a sneak peek of sessions discussed in this webinar:

Annette, age 65
Has had a cough for 15 years since stopping smoking. Had the flu after quitting; cough since.
1. Left lung meridian imbalance -> misalignment of T3 -> saboteur (letter opener from female 14 years ago)
2. Medication toxin in left lung, released energetically
3. Physical trauma energy in left lung, from smoking

Laryngitis for a week, really bad for 2 days.
1. Left adrenal gland imbalance due to an inherited trapped emotion of: unworthy from your father..
2. Throat chakra imbalance due to a psychic trauma.
3. Will to die energy lodged in throat.

Heshie - 68
Autoimmune issues; extreme pain in back and neck; FMS, chronic pain for 20 years.
Neck pain on 0-10 is 8 on movement (normal)
1. Left kidney imbalance due to a physical trauma from about 27 yrs ago.
2. Left kidney imbalance due to an inherited Trapped Emotion: Overwhelm from father's mother.
3. Disconnection of spirit and physical neck
4. Heart meridian imbalance due to Heart-Wall: Trapped Emotion: Heartache from age 18 about your father.
5. Heart-Wall Emotion: Unsupported from your mother age 9.
(neck about a 3 afterwards)

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6 Comments to "Webinar: The Body Code"

  1. Laurie

    January 7, 2013

    Very interesting and good results for the volunteers. Thank you for posting this dr Brad.

  2. Jennifer Durham

    January 7, 2013

    I’m the Jennifer from this call and promised to follow up with some comments! (Sorry, they’re a bit long, but I had a lot of cool stuff to share…)

    First of all, thank you, Dr. Brad, for working on my laryngitis! Man, it WAS very hard to hear me, wasn’t it? I sound like a moose! I appreciate how difficult that must have been, but I’m so grateful to you for your patience and care – for sticking with me through that! I would be the first to admit that this was not a “serious” issue on any grand scale, especially sandwiched between 15 years of chronic coughing and 20 years of chronic pain. (Much love to my fellow webinar companions Annette and Heshie for their suffering!) But resolving my laryngitis was certainly important and significant to ME… You couldn’t understand me, but I tried to explain that I was supposed to perform/sing in a big Christmas program that Sunday (in 2 days), which was completely impossible in my current condition.

    So what has happened since the call?... As much as I would love to report that I was instantly healed and able to sing and was the star of the show, I’m sorry – No, I did not get the Christmas-singing miracle I was hoping for – the other performers managed just fine and the show went on without me …BUT… my laryngitis DID clear up later the next week, which was an overall shorter recovery time period for me compared to previous bouts of laryngitis I’ve had …AND… plenty of other great stuff happened too:

    One instant result (which I mentioned on the call but I think you couldn’t understand me clearly)… At the beginning of the call, my throat felt like it was lined with sandpaper, but after the work you did, that sharp sandpaper feeling was gone.

    Another instant (and surprising) result was relief from pain in my left heel (caused by my adrenal gland imbalance, I’m sure). Christmas shopping had been a nightmare for me the night before, but I felt much better after that quick little fix.

    My absolutely favorite result though?… Releasing the inherited emotion UNWORTHY: After finding and releasing that one, you had asked if I had children and checked to see if that emotion had passed to any of them. It had, but thankfully, it had been cleared. On the call, you didn’t dig for specifics as far as which child (or children) – it had been cleared all around and that was enough for me. A few days later though, one of my children had a bit of a meltdown and admitted having suicidal thoughts and actually used the words, “I don’t feel worthy”! We talked and cried and hugged – it was tender, and then she seemed fine. At the time, I didn’t connect the dots, but a few days later the light bulb went on and I have since confirmed it with more muscle testing. Three of my four children had inherited that same emotion from their grandfather, but the results of her release have been the most obvious so far. I understand now that her meltdown was from processing and she was feeling echoes of that emotion after it had been released. And since then, I have noticed a fairly dramatic and instant change in her …especially related to her schoolwork. In fact, her teacher noticed and said so too! My daughter is extremely bright, but she has always struggled with completing schoolwork – she just didn’t care. Now it’s as though a switch has flipped – she is personally “owning” her education for the first time ever. She’s more organized and more conscientious, and I see a level of maturity and self-determination and drive that just wasn’t there before! It’s truly remarkable!

    Many, many thanks, Dr. Brad!! I'm a believer! ( much so that I'm working on my EC Certification and hope to finish it this month! :))

    • Natalie Nelson

      January 8, 2013

      Wow, Jennifer - that is SO cool, about your daughter especially!! Thank you so much for sharing that. 🙂

  3. Hazel Markou

    January 8, 2013

    Hi, Thank you for posting the synopsis of the sessions carried out during this webinar - it's really helpful when referring potential clients as I will be able to find a webinar with a relevant session without having to skip through every one to find out what issues are covered.


  4. David

    September 11, 2016

    On the Organ list you do not list a lot of them like the thyroid as far as I know there are over 70 organs - so what if the issue is with one not on your chart?
    Thank You in advance for Your wisematic reply!

    • Customer Support

      September 13, 2016

      Hi David

      Thank you for your question. Most of the organs are in the Body Code if you click on Circuits and Systems you will see Organs on the right and below that Glands, here you will find the Thyroid and others. Hope this helps
      Customer Support

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