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16 Comments to "Webinar: The Emotion Code"

  1. Louise

    January 18, 2012

    Hello! is there not a way to be a volunteer if you are on the webinar? 75 minutes of long distance fees is a lot..plus physically being on a phone for 75 minutes is a lot..and if you don't have call waiting, too long to tie up the line when you live with someone else. I did try in the past on my cell on a call of this type and i was chosen and reception was so bad i never understood anything of the conversation...

    thank you and be well !!

    • Natalie Nelson

      January 18, 2012

      Hi Louise,
      The main reason that you need to call in on the telephone is because of the feedback that we get from computer speakers. If you have headphones that have a microphone, you could try that- but keep in mind that you will need to have a fast internet connection too, or Dr. Brad may not be able to hear you. Best of luck! 🙂 Natalie

  2. Dan Luer

    January 18, 2012

    So, I clicked on the link to register for the webinar which sent me to:


    where I filled out the form and clicked Register which sent me to:


    which informed me that Webinar Unavailable The webinar is not available.

  3. Dan Luer

    January 18, 2012

    So, where do we go now???

    • Natalie Nelson

      January 18, 2012

      Hi Dan, looks like your browser probably got stuck- it was supposed to redirect to another URL. You may want to restart your internet browser and try again. 🙂 -Natalie

  4. Lori

    January 18, 2012

    Dear Dr. Bradley Nelson, Thank you for putting on this event, unfortunately, I am already going to be in a 3 hour class for work. Could this webinar be viewed at a later time, after I get home from work? If not, please let me know when the next session will be. I have some questions that I'm hoping you can answer. I purchased the Emotion Code book on CD and listened to it twice but still have some questions.

  5. Cris

    January 18, 2012

    Thank you for the invite. If it were at night, I'd be delighted to come. As it is, I drive all night and am generally asleep during the hours of your webinar.

    I'm still working on getting positive and negative readings with the body sway technique. I may get one true read but not the other, or I may get two true reads or two false reads. And I'm not able to get any of the other techniques to work, finger circles and pulls, and such. So, the webinar might have been helpful.

    If the webinar is available as a podcast, I can listen to it while I'm driving at night, which is when I get most of my listening-to-stuff done.

    Have a great day and a great webinar, in any event.

  6. Cheryl Cason

    January 19, 2012

    I would love to be able to get in on these webinars, however I work during the day. Is there anyway to listen to them at a later time?

  7. Cindy

    January 20, 2012


    After listening to the webinar, I have a question. You were helping a patient with an inherited trapped emotion. You released it from the patient and proceeded to release it from the parent who passed it on. My question is whether one needs to have permission from the parent to release it from them?

    Thank you. I enjoyed listening and learning more from the webinar.

    • Dr. Brad : )

      January 22, 2012

      Good question! The answer is no, because when you release an inherited trapped emotion from someone, it releases from the ancestor or ancestors that passed it on to you, and it does so automatically, with no further effort on your part. Ten rolls and you are done. And if you hold a clear intention to "release this energy from any person that have it, living or dead," then it may also release from living children of your subject, and you can ask if it released from them. This is about the only circumstance where we do not need permission to release a trapped emotion from a living person, and an inherited trapped emotion that has been passed on to a living child may or may not release, you just have to check and see. Sometimes the inherited trapped emotion has to be released on them in person, for whatever reason. Hope that helps!

      Dr. Brad : )

  8. florence

    January 22, 2012

    hi dr brad
    thank you for the REPLAY it helped alot...i do alot of work with the mag roller and use the BODYcode too... the prostate was an eyeopener and i am sure i will be using it more in the future... for men...i am a woman bytheway

    about 6 months ago i did by proxy some work for a lady in south africa for conception...i live in australia... now she is 4 months pregnant and it is a boy ... she is thrilled...sorry for passing it so late...i have a few of them healings
    cheers florence

  9. Zeolite

    February 1, 2012

    Wow, Dr. Brad's technique and demonstrations are right on. They are spiritual solutions for physical (and emotional, mental) problems. This is such an ingenious way to work with our body's energy system to fix the source or cause of the dis-ease, instead of trying to fix the effect. Highly recommended!

  10. Katie Heath

    February 4, 2012

    Hi Dr. Brad,

    Thank you for MAJORLY, positively changing my life from the work you've developed. It's enhanced my practice immensely and allowed me to help SO many more people, so easily and happily. It IS a sacred calling and The Body Code and The Emotion Code are sacred to me. Bless! 🙂

    Happy Thoughts,

    Katie "The Nutrition Magician" Heath
    Customized Health Solutions

  11. Aikaterini Lalaouni

    February 29, 2012

    I want to thank Dr. Nelson for all his work!
    Its really SO precious!
    I have only got the whole Body Code System the dvds with the seminar the book,etc,
    recently and i have already started to practice helping the people that come to me.
    I live in Athens Greece and i would like when i am more confident, to become
    a certified practitioner. Is that possible with me living here? Or do i have to come to the US?
    I will be coming the following October and i am also wondering if there is a seminar then,
    so that i could also do that.
    Thank you very much,
    Aikaterini (Katherine) Lalaouni

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