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Webinar: HealersLibrary Premium Members: How to Use Shielding To Heal and Protect Against Negativity - 04/20/18

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"How to Use Shielding To Heal and Protect Against Negativity"
presented by Lana Nelson, CBCP, HealersLibrary Staff Practitioner

Friday, April 20th, 2018 at 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM Eastern / 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM Pacific 

  • How to find the parts of you that have been vulnerable to negativity

  • Why you might have been attracting bad energy and how to stop it

  • How to create a specific shield to achieve specific healing outcomes

  • Easy tips to achieve ultimate divine connection and protection

This webinar will help increase your knowledge and understanding of The Emotion Code and The Body Code so you can help yourself and others as well as possible! Don't miss it! This exclusive webinar has been designed to educate you and expand upon the training you've already been receiving at Healers Library. It's for Members Only - you won't find this anywhere else!


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4 Comments to "Webinar: HealersLibrary Premium Members: How to Use Shielding To Heal and Protect Against Negativity - 04/20/18"

  1. Kristi

    May 12, 2018

    This was lovely! Such great information and super helpful to see a screen share of you working. I’d love to see more of those. So far I only do distance by email but hopefully will be able to do live sessions via computer this way so watching them already builds my confidence. 🙂

    • Robin

      May 15, 2018


      Is there a reason you do not do phone sessions with others? I love talking with my volunteers! I used to only do remote sessions, and email them a copy of my handwritten notes. I learn from every one I work on, and they know things too, that helps with the process. It's been exciting to do phone sessions. 🙂 Good Luck! You'll do it! I believe in You! <3

  2. Ann

    July 30, 2018

    Interesting for me to see as I am a week into the body code and having shielding issues for sure! Also, I watched the video training from Dr. Nelson at the seminar and thought with every clearing/balancing an emotion needed to be found. I see in this that was not necessary. Interesting.. Is it suggested to find an emotion for every balance as he did or is it necessary only if emotion code shows up? GREAT!! Thank you.

  3. Dana Wheeler

    November 8, 2018

    I am new and working to get certified but there is not lot information available on sheilding unless you are a premium member. I have already had issues with this and need some guidance on this if possble without having to upgrade my membership at an extra cost. Thank you for any help or advice given.

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