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Video Premiere: Bursting the Bubble Around the Heart


Emotion Code practitioner Charan Surdhar has created a very informative, entertaining and fun for the whole family video about the Heart-Wall. This is a great way to introduce the Heart-Wall and The Emotion Code to your friends, family, and clients!

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17 Comments to "Video Premiere: Bursting the Bubble Around the Heart"

  1. Verna Nardella

    January 24, 2012

    This is absolutely GORGEOUS..... and so, so informative. thank you Charan for creating the video. Bless you. Verna xo.

    • Charan

      January 26, 2012

      Verna, thank you.....it just gives me such joy to share this information. Many blessings to you too. xxx

  2. Rochelle

    January 24, 2012

    This video is incredibly beautiful. It's award winning material. Thank you so much for this very inspiring moment. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!


    • Charan

      January 26, 2012

      I'm touched by your kind words. I really do create these videos from my heart, and it gives me such pleasure that people can feel that in the videos. Thank YOU for watching and sharing so more people can become aware of the emotion code and that they CAN live from their hearts too.
      Charan x


        February 20, 2012


        This little video speaks to hearts in such a big way.
        It's a simple way, in almost cartoon form, to get people to watch, to think about it, and perhaps allow their hearts to respond to the Emotion Code .
        As I learn from Dr. Bradley... my mind visualizes some Bible scriptures coming to life with a deeper meaning for us.
        I can almost visualize a people's hearts saying 'Yes, yes, yes, free me so I can
        actually live the life I've been given!"

        Thankyou Charon

  3. Travis S.

    January 24, 2012

    What a great way to introduce my nieces and nephews to The Emotion Code. Great job Charan!

    • Charan

      January 26, 2012

      Thanks so much for your support in sharing this video with others! So glad you enjoyed it.
      Charan πŸ™‚

  4. Rachel Worthington

    January 26, 2012


    I love your video, it is beautiful! Thanks for taking the time to put this together! It is wonderful!


  5. Willow

    February 2, 2012

    No better way than this............................

  6. Pauline

    February 3, 2012

    I thoroughly enjoyed your presentation. Thank you. Delightful!

  7. Jocelyne

    February 6, 2012

    This video is delightful Charan. Beautifully presented; your soft voice invites to listen.
    A true inspiration.
    From my heart to yours.
    Jocelyne xx

  8. Charan

    February 7, 2012

    The video truly was made from my heart to yours, and thank you for saying so and for receiving it into your heart.
    Charan xx

  9. Elizabeth

    February 9, 2012

    How beautiful and engaging this is to look at. You have done a remarkable job to explain the concepts of having a heart wall and what it would mean not to have one :).
    Thank you so much for sharing this.
    I believe you have gently taken the hands of many & guided them to a clearer understanding.
    With gratitude

    • Charan

      February 17, 2012

      Thanks Elizabeth! Thank you so much for sharing your kind words!
      I'm now working on another video on "Bursting the Bubble Around Genes", which also will include again information about trapped emotions and how they impact our genetics. If you would like to be informed as to when it is out either subscribe on my YouTube channel or website.
      I'm already SO excited about the information contained in this new video, as it's tying in the Emotion Code work with the work of Bruce Lipton! πŸ˜€
      Thanks again Elizabeth!
      Charan πŸ™‚

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