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Maybe You Are On The Same Path As This Certification Student

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I have read Dr. Bradley Nelson's book because I was introduced to The Emotion Code by an Energy light worker in Vernal, Utah. I was instantly drawn to this practice. I have tried a smidge on my own from what I learned in the book but without any real commitment, time alone, or focus. Plus it's scary and I am intimidated because of lack of self-belief and knowledge! I am unsure of my ability and knowledge BUT when I perform muscle testing, my arm is very responsive. I ask if I have a Heart-Wall and my body's response is Yes. I ask my body if it's ready to be released it says No. I have trapped emotions from in utero and some emotions that are not mine. That's as far as my knowledge has gotten me. I don't know how to find and release any of these trapped emotions. That is part of why I'm taking this certification class. I really look forward to a path of healing, helping, loving and evolving. Thank you.

~Lyla Kate Morgan

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1 Comment to "Maybe You Are On The Same Path As This Certification Student"

  1. George

    September 30, 2017

    Stay with this- most of us start out unsure of ourselves-thats partly what led me to EC and BC. I am now certified in EC and just bought BC - looking to get certified in the near future. Just keep testing and take it easy on yourself- you don't have to be perfect!

    Best Wishes

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