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Dogs Need The Emotion Code as Much as People Do!

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Jazzy, a Chocolate Lab, came from a puppy farm where she spent years getting pregnant, all to have her puppies ripped away from her. Jazzy was on anxiety medication. She was the most fearful dog I had ever seen. It was heartbreaking. To even get her into the house and to sit with her foster parent for the Emotion Code session, we had to tread very carefully. We released trapped emotions of longing, failure, low self-esteem and grief, all relating to losing her puppies.

Two days after the session, the foster parents reported that Jazzy had made eye contact with them. They were blown away! They also noticed her doing things she hadn't done before. They asked me to come back for another Emotion Code session where we released more trapped emotions relating to her experience at the farm.

Since then, Jazzy has had a huge improvement and is no longer on medication. She comes into the house with no fear and she now looks for her foster parents before they have to look for her. The turn around for Jazzy has been remarkable!

~Diana P.

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1 Comment to "Dogs Need The Emotion Code as Much as People Do!"

  1. Vanessa

    June 17, 2017

    I live in Crete, Greece. Just five weeks ago I rescued a lovely, German Shepherd dog, called Molly. She was pregnant and covered in hundreds of ticks and fleas. She was abandoned up a track with little food or water and was scavenging for her life. Some local people threw her scraps occasionally.

    I brought her home with me in my car and she came up to my apartment in the elevator. She has barely left my side since then. I have now done seven sessions of The Emotion Code and some Body Code on Molly. I have already released over 50 negative trapped emotions and re-balanced a lot of medical problems.

    The most amazing thing was when I ended the first session with her on the first night - I asked if there was anything we could do to help her be more comfortable as she had so many huge ticks all over her body and I couldn't get to the vets until the next day. I asked if the ticks could fall painlessly from her body.

    In the following hour and a half, over 60 ticks fell off and crawled away! I scooped them up with a tissue. In the morning, I found even more ticks in the corners of the room. It was so funny to watch, I laughed. I should have made a video...

    Everyone who meets her is surprised at how calm and happy she is, considering her traumatic past. She is so trusting and affectionate. Happy to meet people, children and dogs. She doesn't even want to chase cats and hardly ever barks. She lies quietly under the table or by my side when I visit shops and restaurants. She is now playing with toys and has a sense of humor. We have an amazingly strong bond.

    I am so passionate about The Emotion Code and how it can help animals, I am offering it to rescued animals here in Crete and have approached a number of shelters and organizations. If you know of anyone else who could benefit, please let me know.

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