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Awaken Your Highest Self - 10 Video Training Series
Discover secrets to energetic harmony and conscious awareness during this 10 part transformational video series. Learn to ask the right questions to get lasting results and reveal your path to success, higher vibrational relationships and enlightenment. Unblock your heart, let go of negative emotions from your past and live fully and peacefully in the present. Develop your intuitive gifts and manifest your ultimate abundance. *Includes 10 hours of streaming online video training & transcripts.



HLPremium Premium Membership
Enroll as a student on Dr. Nelson's exclusive membership site, Gain access to exclusive Body Code and Emotion Code training webinars, interviews with top holistic healers and educators healers in the world and  information you won't find anywhere else. Communicate with other practitioners and healers, share healing knowledge and tips via the HealersLibrary forums. *This is a digital membership that you may cancel at anytime.
$24.97 / Month