Newsmaker Interviews

Are You a Dental Disaster Waiting to Happen?


In this incredible interview, Dr. Stuart Nunnally, one of the world's few truly holistic dentists explains how common dental procedures can create disease and disaster later in your life. A must-watch...


Exclusive Interview: Dr. Tim O'Shea

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In this exclusive interview from 2011, Dr. Brad interviews Dr. Tim O'Shea, one of the world's foremost experts on vaccinations, and the truth behind them. Dr. O'Shea is a Chiropractor and Clinical Nut...


Dr Brad Interviews author Joanna Oblander


Joanna Oblander had a "Life altering visit with God" that has inspired people around the world, including Dr Bradley Nelson, so he decided to interview Joanna about her book "A Glimpse Of Heaven" based on her experiences.