Raise Your Vibrational Frequency To Avoid Trapping Emotions


If you have worked with The Emotion Code and The Body Code, no doubt you have noticed positive shifts in areas of your life beyond relief of the issue you sought help for. Perhaps you feel lighter, le...


Emotion Code Tip: Work on Your Children


I have four young children and I find it helpful to wait until they are sleeping to work on them. I usually will sit very close to them while I test and I always begin with a prayer. I try to do this ...


The World’s Worst Chakra Healing Advice


The Worst Chakra Healing Advice in the World

Are you interested in learning about effective (more...)

Energy Healing: A Comprehensive Beginner’s Guide

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Your Go-To Beginner’s Guide for Energy Healing

Have you always had a natural inclination to help others? Are you interested in learning more about na...


6 Myths About Energy Healing

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6 Myths about Energy Healing, Debunked

As a non-traditional, holistic means of physical, mental, and emotional treatment, energy heal...