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-Dr. Bradley with Gary Rivers on WHBC-AM

August 17, 2018

Dr. Brad on "Gary Rivers WHBC-AM"

August 17th 10:05 AM ET / 8:05 AM MT

Gary interviews Brad as they talk about 12 Signs Kids are Being Bullied and What To Do

When kids head back to school these days they face some big stressors in addition to homework grades and peer pressure. Concerns about bullying and its relationship to school violence add another layer of stress. I have Dr. Bradley Nelson, a veteran holistic physician, author, and father of seven children, with warning signs of bullying and tips for protecting kids and helping them heal from the emotional scars inflicted by bullies. Read on for details and contact me for interviews.

More than 43 percent of teens report being bullied online; additionally, teens are more than twice as likely to tell their peers about bullying than they are to tell parents or other adults, one study found. Victims of bullying and other early trauma often carry emotional scars into adulthood, Dr. Nelson, author of the bestselling book "The Emotion Code," explains in this short video.

"Many kids who are victimized by bullying don't ask for help because they are afraid of being seen as weak or a tattletale, or fear backlash from the bully or rejection by friends," Dr. Nelson says. "As a result, parents are often the last ones to know." He shares these 12 warning signs parents should watch for:

Emotional upset, anxiety, and depression.
Frequent headaches and stomach aches.
Faking illness.
Unexplainable injuries.
Changes in eating habits.
Poor sleep / frequent nightmares.
A drop in school performance.
Not wanting to go to school.
Sudden loss of friends.
Avoidance of social situations.
Low self-esteem.
Self-destructive behaviors including self-harm, running away, or talking about suicide.
Dr. Nelson explains why some kids become bullies and others can become targets of bullying. He can share how parents can talk with their children to uncover and heal the emotional trauma of bullying, as well as other steps and when to take them.

"Take necessary action with the school and/or the bullies’ parents to assure the child's safety," Dr. Nelson says. "Help the child to know that he or she is valued and that it is safe to communicate with you as a parent or a counselor."

Dr. Brad on "Gary Rivers WHBC-AM"

August 17th 10:05 AM ET / 8:05 AM MT

Gary brings his community knowledge, news and political background and entertainment expertise from Canton’s Morning News to his own show.


August 17, 2018
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