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Severe Pain "Gone Completely" After Body Code Session

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The day after The Ultimate Health, Wealth and Relationship Retreat I was called because a daughter-in-law was in severe pain—rolling and crawling around, feeling like she would throw up. She couldn't sit up or stand up, being in so much pain. A daughter was talking to a medical person; they thought it was appendicitis and she should go to the emergency room.

I tested it was not the appendix but the spleen. I had to talk to myself to just trust, because of so much that was going on. I continued testing and cleared two Trapped Emotions in the spleen, then found a Physical/Physical disconnection at 72%, then prions. That brought the disconnection down to 22%.

I went to memory field (a son in the marines, a Trapped Emotion of low self esteem) then found a "no will to live" energy. I cleared that, and all of a sudden the pain was gone, gone completely.

Thank you Dr Brad and all of the staff for making this happen and all the good you do.

- Colleen Barlow (Utah, USA)

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