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Installing a New Broadcast Message?

Home Forums Body Code Forum Body Code Questions Installing a New Broadcast Message?

This topic contains 4 replies, has 3 voices, and was last updated by  Hazel Markou 3 years, 8 months ago.

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    Gai Lawson

    When removing a broadcast message, we roll UP the spine with a magnet. Does this mean to roll DOWN the spine to install a new/positive broadcast message?

    So far, the broadcast messages that people have released haven't needed to be replaced with something else, but I suspect it's simply a matter of time. 🙂 So I thought I'd ask beforehand.


    Hazel Markou

    Hi Gai. Until recently I have never been convinced that Roll Up isn't a typo for removing (and should have been against the comment for installing a new message). However, I've been studying the T3 course material and now understand that in that work you roll up to release negative programming and false beliefs and roll down to install new ones. Guess we could use some clarification to confirm which is correct.

    In the meantime I had started to ask "should I roll up/ down to release" and then went with whatever the answer was. Interestingly it was mainly "down" but every now and again I would get "up". I'm hoping that as long as my intention was clearly "to release xxx" then that is what would happen regardless of which way I rolled. I always make it clear in my prayer for assistance that I am new to this and may sometimes make a mistake!


    Gai Lawson

    Thanks for sharing your experience, Hazel.

    I notice with Disconnections, when the body (or a body part) is disconnected from or not fully communicating with spirit, we also roll upwards with the magnet. To reconnect spirit to the body, we roll downward. This is partially what caused me to wonder about the upward rolling versus downward rolling for new broadcast messages.

    Interesting that you will get an answer to roll down or up (depending on the person?) for this. In the near-term, I agree that it makes sense to ask which way to roll if and when this comes up. And I agree that one's intention is a major factor.


    Kimberly Dornbush

    When I release a broadcast message I ask the person if they would like to install a new message to takes it's place. It has to be something that the subconscious mind believes so I always muscle test to see if the new message is acceptable to the person and if I get a yes I replace it.
    Something I am starting to do is ask what underlying imbalance caused this allergy or intolerance or whatever imbalance it is and then I feel like I am getting to the real core of the issue. It's like peeling an onion sometimes the body has to feel safe enough to let the core imbalances go and that can take time.


    Hazel Markou

    Hi Kimberly, Yes I also ask "is there an underlying imbalance is that is causing xxx" for just about everything other than "Emotional Energies". It was quite a revelation and transformation of the success of my sessions (or the "staying power" of the success) when this piece of advice came through on one of Dr Brad's emails. Mostly I find I'm taken to an emotional energy straight away but sometimes there is another imbalance with it's own cause before the emotional energy can be identified. Sometimes (but rarely) there is more than one. Then generally the "top level" item becomes balanced, but sometimes I have to go back to it and remove a residual imbalance. The key thing here is to always ask 🙂

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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